29-05-202211:00-22:00 Rotterdam
12-06-2022 11:00-22:00 Amsterdam


Dutch Championships Backgammon, 7 November 2021
The 30 participants in the A group and 14 of the B group have made the Dutch Championships a success. Thank you for your participation, because without players a tournament would be a bit odd. Thank you.

And the Dutch Champion 2021:

Paul van Koningshoven

The side pool 100 went to Michel Lamote, side pool 20 and 50 to Paul van Koningshoven and Arthuro Braacx.

In the B-group, Clem de Bruin was the triumphator.

If someone wants to have her/his results from the qualifying phase - with the resistance points - send an email to

Frank Viergever has taken beautiful photos.

Any comment, or advice? Bring it on!

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