29-05-202211:00-22:00 Rotterdam
12-06-2022 11:00-22:00 Amsterdam

Dutch Championships - 7 November 2021
Dutch o P.E.N. Championships

Location of the 2021 tournament

Belgisch Biercafé Boudewijn
Nieuwe Binnenweg 53 a-b
3014 GD Rotterdam
Phone. +31 10 436 3562

Route via
Route via

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Tram stop: Bloemkwekerijsstraat
Bus/Tram stop: Eendrachtsplein

Timetable 2021

Registration opens at 11 AM. The tournament starts at 12:00. You have until 12:10 PM to start your first match. After that you'll get one penalty point every 5 minutes.

Dinner starts at 5 PM. The first stage - qualification - ends at 5:15 PM.

The second stage - knockout - starts before 5:45 PM. With 0 points you will play in the second phase as well.

We will do everything we can to hand over the cup no later than 11 PM.


It is an Open Championship: everyone is welcome. Registration for the 2021 edition is still open. You are also welcome at the Dutch Championships 2022, which will take place 6 November next year.

You have to be registered to participate in the Dutch National Championships. Email Nardy before November 1, 2021. Registration will be closed after the Rotterdam tournament at midnight on October 31 2021.

Tournament Format

All matches are held with clock, 14 minutes total and 12 seconds delay time per move. From round three, the delay time is 10 seconds.

First phase: qualification
3 rounds of 7 points, winners play winners. After the second round, the delay time on the clock changes from 12 to 10 seconds. With an odd number of participants there is one bye.

Please note: your next match starts as soon as your opponent is known, i.e. before the end of the round.

Ranking after qualifying

- You will get one point for each win. So after three matches you have 3, 2, 1 or 0 points.
- And there are resistance points: the sum of your opponent's points. With equal points, the resistance points count.
- Still equal? Then a draw will determine who is ranked best.

At the Dutch Championships no rebuys will take place.

Second phase: knockout tournament

MAIN: Championship Roster All players with 3 and 2 points go to the knockout roster MAIN, the Championship roster. Any byes will go - in order - to the best ranked players from the qualifying phase. Winners advance to the next round, losers are out. The winner of the final - or possibly the best A-player - is Dutch Champion 2021.

CONSO: Consolation Grid.

With 1 or 0 points you enter the Consolation Grid. Also here: any byes go to the best ranked. And here goes as well: only the winner advances.

Rules of the Game

We play according to the WBGF tournament rules (World Backgammon Federation). Prepare yourself and read the rules.

There is a version in English , Dutch (thanks, German and Greek. When in doubt, we use the original English version.

Entry fee

The 2021 tournament entry fee is €25 for B, and €75 for A. Registration is €25, coffee with cake and evening meal are included. All players play the same tournament. Prize money B is for B players, prize money A is for A players.

Possibly there will be a separate tournament for B players. Even then you will play at least 4 matches. We will decide this after registration is closed and we will notify you Wednesday 3 November at latest.

There are side pools of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. You can register for one side pool or for two consecutive side pools. A side pool has separate prize money, only for the participants of that side pool. The best result in the main roster is entitled to that side pool.

Important Note

These Dutch Championships are organized by tournament leaders Paulus van Rooijen, Eric de Bouter and Nardy Pillards. The organization - NK o P.E.N. - reserves the right to change any of these sections without notice. At the start of the Dutch Championships 2021 - on November 7 at 12 noon - the tournament format is final.

Looking back at the Dutch Championships new format

Photo report Dutch Championships 2018 (thanks to Paul van Rooijen and Frank Viergever) Champion 2018: Pim van Haastert
Runner-up 2018: John "Animal J" Jacobs
2018 Consolation Winner: Semjon Prygrov
Runner-up Consolation 2018: Ed Baars
Winner of the B-group 2018: Rik Bakker

Champion 2019: Misja Alma
Runner-up 2019: Paulus van Rooijen
Winner of the Consolation 2019: Rogier van Gemert
Runner-up Consolation 2019: Rinus Feldmann
Winner of the B-group 2019: Ali Easy

Champion 2020: There were no National Championships in 2020 due to SARS-CoV-2

Participants 2021

The 2021 contestants can be found here.